May 27, 2023

Baby mobile: A must-have on your nursery list

Setting up the baby’s room is probably one of the most exciting things for parents-to-be.
Nurseries call for décor and you’ll soon find yourself scrolling through Pinterest for ideas. But there’s one thing in the baby’s room that will always add the finishing touch: a baby mobile.
You may be asking yourself: why it’s a must-have? You may know that with its slow movement, a mobile can be captivating and soothing to those little eyes, but it also has many other benefits, let us tell you why.

baby crib mobile

Duck, rabbit, duck mobile

Art in Motion…

It is believed that mobiles were introduced to the world as a form of sculptural art. In the 1930s, a well known American artist named Alexander Calder began experimenting with mobiles by introducing moving parts into the sculptures he worked on, which were mostly circus animals made of wire and wood. Another artist, Marcel Duchamp, is the one who gave the name of mobiles to the pieces created by his colleague Calder.

From Art Pieces to the Crib

Over time, mobiles slowly evolved and parents began to place visual mobiles with baby-themed motifs to their cribs. From their turn-of-the-century modern style to a variety of contemporary designs in different materials. Of course, we favor those made from down to earth materials and less plastic.

vintage baby mobile

Why should I add one to my nursery list?

In addition to being a cute addition to a baby’s room, crib mobiles can provide visual stimulation, help develop motor skills.  Oh yes! Indeed, they can help our babies strengthen their eye muscles, improve head control and hand-eye coordination, as well as increase their spatial awareness

It is safe to hang a mobile?

Mobiles are purely decorative, so installing them correctly is critical. Because of their small shapes, you must make sure to hang them out of reach of arms/legs at all times. You may need to adjust the height at which the mobile/garland is hung to keep it out of reach during the baby’s development. . Mobiles should not be attached directly to cribs/playpens/bassinets.

Below are some ideas and suggestions on how to place them appropriately.

Safety Hanging Tips

First things first, make sure you’ve decided on the layout of the nursery and leave the crib mobile as the icing on the cake, so you avoid holes where you don’t want them.

From the ceiling:

With the help of an electric drill and a 0.48 cm drill bit, you can screw a U-hook directly into the beam in the ceiling.

Determine the height at which you want the mobile to hang. Make sure it is out of reach of a standing baby. If you mount it high enough you can use a sturdy string to hang it (like a fishing pole). This way you can easily adjust the height at which the mobile hangs at each stage of your baby’s development.  Make sure the knots are tight enough.

If you want a step by step guide on how to install hooks to the ceiling, check out this great tutorial from WikiHow.

From a wall mobile attachment

Another good option is to use a wall-mounted mobile hanger.  Like the ceiling method, it will involve the use of studs, but this installation may be easier since it is at eye level.  Always follow all manufacturer install/safety instructions.

baby crib mobile

Sunny farm day mobile

Whichever option is best for you, remember that the bottom line remains the same: plan for the mobile to always be out of reach of children under 3 years old. Once a baby begins sitting up or can stand supported by crib rails, it’s time to adjust the height or simply remove the mobile… until your next adventure!

Most of our mobiles have a loop at the top, which allows them to be hung from either a wall-mounted mobile arm or from the ceiling. 

So…If until now the crib mobile was not at the top of your list of must-haves for the baby’s room, what are you waiting for?  Once hung in the nursery, we promise you’ll fall in love with it.

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