BLOOM- Natural/Ochre


Introducing the exquisite Bloom Collection, meticulously crafted entirely from premium cotton threads. With their natural hues, these charming accessories are set to make a captivating addition to any space and serve as a wonderful gifting choice.

It’s important to note that these floral wonders are all handmade to order, which may result in subtle variations in shape and size, imparting each blossom with its own unique character.
Lastly, a gentle reminder that these enchanting cotton blossoms are not meant for the hands of little ones. They are designed exclusively for decorative purposes, adding elegance and grace to your living space when hung safely out of reach.



Each of these exquisite flowers stands at an approximate height of 30 cm.

Material: cotton

Not machine washable

The colors you see may slightly differ between electronic devices

Equipped with a wire loop for for convenient hanging

Hand crafted in Tel Aviv

If the item is not in stock, the production time for all orders is approximately 3 days


We’re available for chat and consultation between the hours of  9:00 – 16:00


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